The textile industry is increasingly adopting synthetic fibres for producing a higher grade and quality of clothing goods. Synthetic fibres made of polymers such as PE, PP, PBT, PET, and PA are more durable, quick to dry, resistant to moisture, germs, and dust. They are also cheaper to produce as compared to natural fibres. Some of the masterbatches for textiles and fibers that Polycromax produces are:


We produce a wide variety of colours for non-woven fabric with customized shades that suit your technical and aesthetic needs.


Cost-effective colour formulations that are tailor-made to suit the needs of the fashion industry. These high-end fibres are the answer to your technical needs.


Polycromax serves the flat-tape industry with various products, including combi-batches, custom-matched colours, UV masterbatches, whites, and blacks.

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