Polycromax has an extensive range of compounds for various applications, including auto, consumer goods and electrical switchgear. At Polycromax, we synthesize our compounds by modifying and blending polymers. This includes the addition of colourants and additive packages as needed. Here are some essential types of compounds offer by Polycromax
Talc Filled PP

Reinforced with talc, our line of PPTF compounds offer high impact strength and dimensional stability. We provide our PPTF compounds in ranges from 10%-50%.

Glass Filled Compounds

Polycromax offers various glass fibre filled compounds, both in long and short fibre lengths and in multiple loadings based on customer requirements.

Polycarbonate Compound (PC)

Polycarbonate compounds are known for their high flame retardancy and impact resistance. Polycromax produces PC compounds primarily for the automotive and electrical switchgear industry.


Polycromax offers filled and unfilled ABS Compound to our customers for various applications. These are superior quality compounds known for resistance to weather and fire; they are highly durable and widely used in the manufacturing industry. We offer toll manufacturing capabilities with precision colour matching (dE less than 0.5)  for all ABS manufacturers.

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