Black Masterbatches

Polycromax offers a wide range of black masterbatches developed with decades of experience. Our products deliver the desired functionality and the highest standards of quality for our customers. Some of the properties offered by black masterbatches at Polycromax include UV protection, food contact approval, and high jetness. Apart from multiple standardized black masterbatches, we also provide customized black masterbatches as needed by our customers. Here’s a look at some of the categories of black masterbatches

Pipe Extrusion

As a trusted name in the masterbatch and compounding industry, we manufacture only the highest grade of black masterbatches for pipe extrusion. These products can be used for all pipe extrusion purposes, including HDPE pipe extrusion and high conduit pipes' extrusion. Some noteworthy features of our product include:

Fibre Spinning

This range of black masterbatches is manufactured for fibre spinning, with high spin-ability, colour fastness and long screen pack life. These are cost-efficient products for industries such as PP and PET fibres. Some essential features of fibre grade masterbatches are

Film Extrusion

Polycromax manufactures high-quality black masterbatches that are made with certified quality material for film extrusion. This product is designed for consumer and food packaging, industrial film, lamination, refuse bags and agricultural films. Some important features of this grade of black masterbatch are –


Different sizes of black masterbatches manufactured especially for moulding purposes, including blow moulding and roto moulding applications. In this category, we have a wide array of high-quality products that offer improved processability and consistency. Here’s a look at the features of this category –

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