Building & Construction

Modern building structures call for strong materials and innovative technologies.  Polycromax provides sophisticated solutions in plastics and complex compounds customized to building regulations and aesthetic qualities such as colours and durability. Our products support the technical needs of your projects, help you achieve production efficiency, meet deadlines and reduce costs. Here’s a look at the core segments of Polycromax in the building and construction segment

Geomembranes & Geo Grids

High-quality masterbatches produced mainly for extending the life of geomembranes. UV stability and antioxidant masterbatches by Polycromax help create long-lasting geomembranes for the building and construction industry.

Pipes & Conduits

At Polycromax, we produce high-quality masterbatches and compounds for electrical, gas, cable, and water conduits. We offer a comprehensive range of products that spans colour masterbatches for gas pipes to black masterbatches for wires.

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