Polycromax caters to a wide range of packaging needs, including food packaging, medical supplies, industrial packaging, and other applications. Packaging solutions are needed to protect the goods in transit, prolong a product’s shelf life, and create a unique brand and customer engagement. We offer customized solutions for plastic packaging that suits your needs.

Consumer Packaging

This segment includes food packaging such as refrigerated foods or stable foods. It also provides consumer goods such as soaps, detergents, caps and closures for shampoos etc. Another important category under consumer packaging is BOPP packaging, thermoformed consumer products, and PET bottles for liquids.

Industrial Packaging

In industrial packaging segments, our clients need larger plastic containers for bulk transportation and storage. This includes material handling crates, jerry cans, chemical drums, woven sacks, paint pails and lids, cans for oils, lubricants and other industrial liquids.

Protective Packaging

Many of our clients require protective packaging solutions to help prevent damage to their goods during transit and storage or for ease of handling. This includes plastic products such as bubble wrap, cling films, expanded PE and PS foam, among other solutions.

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