About Polycromax

Polycromax is a name synonymous with excellence and exemplary services in the plastics processing industry. We produce high-quality masterbatches and compounds that offer up-to-date solutions to the industry’s dynamic needs.

We are a value-driven organisation with a deep-rooted belief in quality, trust, integrity and responsibility that continues to direct our course of action. Our priority, hence, has always been customer-centric. Backed by deep customer insights and R&D, we create solutions that are innovative as well as sustainable. We aim to offer high-quality compounds and masterbatches and play a significant role in the growth story of the Indian plastics industry at large.

Partnering with Polycromax is no less than insurance for your business. We ensure that your product is always backed by our exceptional standards that enable you to deliver the best to your customers. Our heritage is built upon the trust and confidence our customers have in our masterbatches and compounds. We take great pride in the commitment to quality that has been handed down through the years at Polycromax. In 1977, Mr Samir Sheth founded Plastichemix and pioneered masterbatches in the Indian plastics industry. Subsequently, Plastichemix went on to introduce various new products, including additive masterbatches, customised colour-masterbatches, and mono-concentrates as both flushes and extrudates.

Our erstwhile company, Plastichemix, truly revolutionised the market by introducing masterbatches as a go-to solution instead of dry colour. Since then, we may have changed names and location but our focus remains the same – quality products that build trust.

In our second innings, we aim to be more streamlined and focused on our offerings and take forward the legacy of trust built on years of quality service. You may think we sell products but what we really do is offer solutions to businesses for faster growth and higher profits. Our product is a by-product of the service we offer.

Polycromax Timeline


Started production in Polycromax. PC compounds and PP compounds on production.


Approved as Ineos tolling partner in 2017. Independently developed grades for them.


OEM approval for supply of PP compounds


Masterbatch production