Plasticulture is an increasingly popular trend that advocates the use of high-performance plastics in agriculture. In the last three decades, there has been a rising demand for enhanced quality materials produced using advanced technology to grow, harvest, and protect crops in the agriculture sector. At Polycromax, we manufacture a comprehensive range of masterbatches for overcoming different agricultural challenges such as extreme temperatures, excess humidity, or low irradiation. Here are some of our areas of expertise in the agriculture sector


Specially crafted white, black, and UV masterbatches for non-woven fabric for agricultural use. Non-Wovens made from Polycromax masterbatches are ideal for use as grow-bags or nursery films.

Greenhouse Films

Polycromax manufactures premium quality UV stabilizer masterbatches for greenhouses, depending on the irradiation level to pesticides used.


Polycromax offers a wide range of UV masterbatches for Tarpaulin. Our masterbatches for Tarpaulin are versatile and can be used in various agricultural applications.

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